Why Should You Intern Abroad?

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Sat Apr 20 2024

Why Should You Intern Abroad?

In today's competitive job market, it's difficult to stand out among millions of candidates with similar qualifications. Also, recruiters only care about the unique things and experiences that each candidate shows on their resume.If you are in the process of finding an internship for this summer, an essential part that any college student must complete before graduating, then just step back and think about the idea of applying for an internship at any company in your country; why don't you think outside of the box and stepping out of your comfort zone and choosing a new experience like completing an Internship abroad? We promise that this journey will not only help you gain certain advantages when applying for a job in the near future, but it will also give you the life skills and experiences that you otherwise wouldn't have forgotten.The concept of experiencing an internship abroad is definitely not a bad idea for those who want to explore their limits, develop transferable skills, enhance their expertise, practice a professional working style, as well as expand their understanding of different cultures, values and norms. This blog post will cover and analyze the international internship as well as its benefits for those who want to ride on this adventure.

What Is An Internship Abroad?

Internship abroad is considered a process of working abroad for students to gain practical experience and learn more about the major they are currently pursuing before starting their careers. Instead of applying for internships domestically, some students will choose to explore international opportunities that are hiring international interns and choose to work in these countries as a way to deepen their understanding and get a stand-out resume among the others.An internship abroad is definitely a way for college students to gain valuable insights into the work culture as well as the country they are choosing. Additionally, this also allows them to apply the knowledge and skills to real-world applications, gain on-the-job experience practices, expand their network, and better understand the cultures, values, and ethics of people in the world.These are some types of internships abroad for reference.
  • International Internships for Credit
  • Service Learning
  • Summer Internships Abroad
  • Non-profit Internships
  • Job Shadowing

Reasons Why You Should Not Only Intern But Also Intern Abroad

Going to new lands, experiencing new things, and learning are the features of youth. An international internship will not only give you practical and hands-on experience but also bring experiential learning through travel. The benefits of an international internship are shown in the following list.

Ability to Adapt to New Environments

It's not easy to live and work abroad when you've never actually set your first foot in a new land- and it's definitely a challenge for those who are away from home for the first time, but it is also one of great experiences and opportunities for adaptation. Interning abroad not only helps you train yourself but also shows everyone that you have the ability to adapt and integrate into new environments and are confident enough to work anywhere with a relaxed and open working mindset. There is nothing that makes you learn faster than immersing yourself in a new country, new city, new culture, language and workplace behaviour. These experiences are priceless and can not be described in words; only you can jump in there and grab this opportunity. Immersing yourself in a new living and working environment will enhance your ability to adapt to different circumstances. There is nothing more beautiful than being surrounded by new challenges and opportunities.

Resume Booster

Nowadays, graduating from a university is no longer as special as it used to be. However, the number of young people who have international internship experience and want to challenge themself are not that much, and this will definitely be a huge plus and set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Even in some fields, experience working in a foreign environment is also a convincing point for employers. The experience of an internship abroad can make that person stand out to employers in an increasingly saturated graduate labour market for those who are applying for the same position. It also shows off their adaptability, interpersonal skills, and ability to overcome cultural and language barriers, as well as not being afraid to take chances, which is a huge asset that can be listed on the résumé.

Multicultural Experience

We all know that every country has its own culture. If you are moving to a new country just to travel, you will not be able to have an in-depth look at the human life and customs in that place. However, when living and working abroad, you will have the opportunity to explore and learn about the insights of that new country deeper than ever.An international internship is considered a great opportunity to learn about a country's customs, traditions, and beliefs instead of spending more time studying abroad, which will cost more years and money for a college student. This journey not only helps expand your knowledge of the world but also gonna bring extremely interesting and fun experiences. After finishing the internship and returning to your home country, you will definitely have a new perspective, which will open up your eyes and help you better understand the differences in geography, culture, food, and lifestyle among countries and learn how to respect those differences without bias. These invaluable experiences will greatly help you shape your mindset and your future career as well.

Valuable Work Experience

An internship abroad gives you the opportunity to gain practical exposure to your chosen field; understanding how your chosen career works in the global market will help you become a much more potential candidate when interviewing for the official position in the coming years. It also gives you an indication of whether the kind of work you’re doing is a career path that you want to pursue in the future or not. The knowledge, experience, and understanding you have accumulated during that time, which you would never have if you had just stayed in the country.In addition to gaining practical experience, you'll also acquire a deeper understanding of how various countries and regions function, giving you an edge over other job applicants who lack international internship experience. The capacity to operate in diverse settings, particularly where English might not be the first language or in a field vastly different from those in the U.S., will be immensely beneficial to prospective employers. As markets, systems, and practices differ globally, your experience and international perspective will be a significant asset in your professional journey. Employers place great value on international work experience among graduates, so highlighting your overseas internship experience will immediately set you apart from other recent graduates.

International Network

Building a network is an unnecessary factor that can not be missed when it comes to the job market in any field. This is of even greater importance if your career path happens to be highly competitive. One of the greatest advantages of an internship abroad is that it gives you opportunities to connect with your host company, coworkers and also your fellow interns and global leaders in your field as well.Interacting with colleagues from around the world can be very educational. They can give you new ideas and let you see things in ways that are different from what you experienced before. The ability to connect with and understand people from different cultures has the potential to benefit one's whole life. Through bigger networks, you could also have a chance to connect with professional networks that could potentially assist a student in finding work after graduation. Don't forget that your network is there to help you with your career path just as much as you are there to assist them along theirs. In general, an international internship can be a way to bolster your network and unlock unexpected career opportunities you may not have thought of before.

Learning a New Language

One of the biggest benefits of pursuing an internship abroad is the ability to learn a new language. Learning a foreign language has never been difficult if you have immersed yourself in that country's first mother tongue. If you want to speak French? Go to France, or Do you want to speak German? You can go to Germany or any country that uses German as a primary language. If you need to get better at English, you can also consider countries where English is an official language. Immersion is the fastest way to learn a foreign language since you will be hearing native speakers use the language every day in formal and informal settings.You do not need to be fluent in the local language to find a suitable internship abroad because, nowadays, English is widely used in most countries. And that's why you should take advantage of this golden opportunity to go abroad to learn a new language and understand more about the people and culture in the new country. This is one of the most effective ways for you to improve your foreign language skills! Besides, regularly having to exchange work during the internship process helps your communication ability improve as well as makes you more confident when communicating with foreigners. Knowing more than one language is also a great plus for enhancing your resume because it shows your effort and dedication in conquering a new target, and not many students out there can do that.

Self-Development and Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Whether you are studying, interning or working abroad, it can greatly change you inside and outside deeply. In a strange land, you must be flexible and grow up quickly. And that kind of knowledge not only leads to greater self-awareness but also provides valuable life experiences that can be useful if you choose to live in other countries or return to your homeland. Moving abroad for an internship of several months to a year presents many obstacles to overcome. However, in confronting these challenges, you become much more independent than ever if you merely stayed at home.An international internship is only spent for the boldness of heart. You have a chance to stay in a strange place from your comfort zone while significantly plunging into a professional environment filled with any kind of person from any possible demographic; you could be learning through a different set of lenses and grasp a wider set of skills compared to your next-door intern. Moreover, your brain will be overflowing with new knowledge, and you will figure out how to adjust quickly, fast, and many other things. The many hurdles you will face, such as the language barrier ascertaining your new home’s culture and law, will most definitely add a lot to your self-esteem and independence. The unique form of contribution to your self-esteem and independence will be enough to make any potential employer desire to have in any future employee qualities.When you move abroad, you have to start growing from zero. You’re doing it by discovering a new bus timeline, finding a grocery store that sells things that you like, or even looking for a pharmacy store when in an urgent situation. Moreover, you also have to learn different ways in which people work. Trust me, all those experiences could be challenging and intimidating for the first two months, especially when you are in the case of not fluent in the local language. Nevertheless, the skills of adapting to a new culture did boost your confidence and independence skills positively in a way that you could never imagine when you are learning how to tackle challenges as well as resolve them. Interning abroad is one of the most powerful and transformative experiences that very few students choose to do so; you not only have the chance to live in a new country but also learn about the national job market, therefore setting yourself apart from most of your peers. It is an opportunity to gain global skill sets that you can not just have if you are just interning in your homeland.

Foster Global Awareness

Developing a global perspective involves understanding the social, environmental, and political dynamics that shape our world. As a citizen of the 21st-century world, it's crucial to comprehend your role in fostering international collaboration. One effective method to achieve this is by interning abroad. During your overseas living, you’ll begin to discern the commonalities and disparities between your homeland and your host country. And when you compare the societal norms, environmental practices, and infrastructure..., you definitely will gain a fresh perspective on your own country, a newfound appreciation of its unique characteristics and deeper insight into the people and culture that just only that country has based on the history and geography.Always remember that if you only live and study in one country, you will have a rather limited view of the world around you. No matter how much the Internet develops, it only brings the world closer to you and does not help you actually live in that environment. Once you truly experience it, you will have to learn how to adapt to the culture and lifestyle of the countries you visit. From there, I believe that your worldview and mindset will definitely begin to expand gradually.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Internships Abroad

#1. How Long Does It Take for an International Internship?It depends on the course and program you are enrolled in. Usually, the minimum duration of an international internship is one month, and the maximum duration is 12 months.#2. How Can I Find an Internship Abroad?To find an internship abroad, you can work with a program placement provider, go to your on-campus resources for references, or even ask your relation professors, as they might know of some internship opportunities not widely known across campus. You can also search independently through the online job resources recommended below and apply directly.
  • GoOverseas
  • FulBright U.S. Student Program
  • LoopAbroad
  • CIEE
  • Global Experiences
  • Absolute Internship
#3. Will I Have Any Free Time Outside of my Internship to Travel?This is possible. Many interns find themselves using their weekends to explore the country they are currently in or venturing to a new destination.#4. Will I Be Paid For my Internship Overseas?There are paid and unpaid internships available, so it is up to you to go through the description carefully to find out whether you will get paid during the course of the program. It also depends on the legislation of the country in which you take your internship, your skills and the length of your internship you want to take on.For instance, businesses in France must pay at least 554 € a month to their interns. In London, companies are required to refund their trainee’s commuting expenses. However, in many other countries, there is no minimum allowance for internships, but they just offer academic credit in return. Therefore, it’s really important to take into account the financial options before making your decision.#5. When is The Best Time to Intern Abroad?The best time to intern abroad is during your college days. Many students would like to opt for a summer internship abroad, and that’s because it allows space for other semesters and doesn’t force them to make a challenging choice between academic success and their desire to explore new horizons. Generally, summer programs run from 10 to 12 weeks, offering a short and intense internship full of valuable projects and practical training.#6. Which Country is Best for Interning Abroad?Some of the countries you can consider for interning abroad are Australia, England, Italy, Singapore, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Canada, China and Taiwan… But please keep in mind that the list of where to intern abroad also depends on what countries specialize in your desired industry. Remember to double-check whether or not that location welcomes international students, and make sure there isn't a language barrier that may reduce your productivity. Unless you want to learn a new language in this case. After all, you're on this journey to gain valuable work experience and grow your industry knowledge.#7. Do I Need to Apply for a Visa?A visa is not always required, as it depends on a number of criteria, such as the country where you are coming from and the country where you want to go, the agreements belonging to these two countries, and the length of your international internship.

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